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Donald Brewster and his wife Bridget have spent over a decade fighting human trafficking in Cambodia.

In , they sold their home in the US, quit their jobs, moved to Cambodia and founded Agape International Missions AIM — an organisation devoted to rescuing victims from within the industry. On the plus side, there are many success stories. He referred me to the story of Sokha Chan, a girl who was sold in a virgin sale to an American ex-Marine when she was just seven years old. For five years, Chan was transferred between different illegal brothels, locked in a dark room and abused for cash. Five years later, at the age of 12, the Brewsters helped to free her.

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She eventually obtained a US visa, and now — ten years later — works as a nail technician and a baker. I want to inspire people to help other girls. Kutcher co-founded an organisation that uses software to fight human trafficking, which has identified over victims of modern slavery. Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Gavin Fernando gavindfernando. But at the end of the dock, he began leading me away from the rest of the group.

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'I lost my virginity to a male escort.'

I give it to you. Share on Facebook. I felt like the moment would go on forever. It was like I was stuck in limbo as he massaged my shoulders.

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I felt like a girl becoming a woman. And for the first time, I felt ready. I thought I was the last virgin on the planet. As we had sex, I felt something change in me. I felt more alive and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Society places a great deal of importance around sex and suddenly I felt like I was older and allowed to enter this secret club.

The strangest thing happened, though. It gave me a thrill.

Cambodia’s child sex workers: The shocking reality

Being heterosexual felt naughty, somehow. Once we were done he disappeared into the bathroom and as I pulled the sheets over my naked body, I felt lucky. Yes it hurt but I was old enough to be able to emotionally deal with it. I had someone there who was specifically attentive to my needs.

My only love has been with a woman, a wonderful woman who I still care for deeply. Leave a comment. Listen Now.

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