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And if two Scorpios get together, it's ridiculously powerful. In fact, it's so powerful that it might not be a good idea! Learn to choose your battles with a Scorpio man. Learn to agree to disagree. Memorize that or post it on your refrigerator. What your zodiac sign says you are like in bed. Scorpio people have several identities. The good ones are the Eagles. These are the ones who manage to work their way to the top, no matter what field it is.

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They have a way of acting like team players; they have a lot of magnetism. They will do whatever it takes to realize any important goal, and be successful. Being water signs, they have a strong streak of wanting to help others, or to make things better in any matter that is significant to them. Then we get to the more difficult Scorpios.

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I know, you thought we already did that. They also have problems figuring out those complex feelings, and may try to mask that by drinking and doing drugs. Or they may engage in many meaningless hookups, trying to make the pain and confusion hurt less. These are the snakes.

What Women Need to Know About Scorpio Men

They are confused, but are also so charming; they can take you down with them if you let them. They are smart, well read and interested in a lot of things. They have that sarcastic sense of humor which can be very funny. They know how to entertain. They have those beautiful, penetrating eyes that can read you like a book and make you feel they know your deepest secrets. They do. He can be the most tender and sweetest man you know.

So the snake Scorpio is the most dangerous. If he can pull himself together, you can have a nice relationship; or nice life together. But he could range back and forth from being the Eagle to the Snake too, and that really complicates your life a lot if you care about him. Sometimes it seems like he goes out of his way to be self destructive. Last of all, he can be the Phoenix.

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  6. Scorpios are very strong people, still waters run deep, and they have the most depth of all. If life throws him the most unthinkable curve ball and everything in his life just falls apart, he has what it takes to recreate his whole life if he has to. They just have more emotional strength than mere mortals, and in the midst of all that chaos, can make it all look easy. This is the true Phoenix mode of the Scorpio man.

    The power of the Phoenix is an amazing thing to behold. So now you have met all the sides of the Scorpio male.

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    Scorpio men have so many good traits. Although they are generally serious people, they know how to have fun. Even if you go out with what turns out to be the most boring crowd of people ever, he will try his best to do whatever it takes to make it a more tolerable experience for everyone. He is very good at saving money, and does his research when it comes to purchasing anything important. He often inherits money.

    And death does fascinate him. He wants to figure out mysteries, and know what happens after we die. When a topic interests him, he will read every book on it, and become an expert. Scorpios are very independent, so they can work with the group, but gradually they will be taking it over. And it will be so subtle that nobody notices. It is just really hard to get close to a Scorpio.

    He keeps you at a distance with his sarcastic wit. He needs to lower his defenses. He seems so cool because he feels things so intensely and is terrified of getting hurt. But you must understand when he makes a commitment to love; he is capable of great loyalty, just like in his friendships.

    This is why he is notorious for being jealous and has control issues.

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    He will approach you slowly and carefully. The best way to deal with him is to offer constant reassurance, and if it turns to love, constant assurance of your love. Yes, even in relationships. Scorpios are very psychic. They can feel something is going to happen before it does. He has great intuition, and does best when he listens to it. He is usually drawn to the people who will be important in his life, just as they will be drawn to him.

    It depends. If the two of you stay close, you will experience telepathy. It may take a lot of time for him to trust you enough to let you in. Scorpios are jealous and possessive when in love.

    You have to teach him to trust you. They want to get as close to you as possible, as deep as they can, making complete contact. They want to find new and pleasurable ways to pleasure their bodies that have not yet been realized, especially with you.

    But Scorpios are Professors in this field, always willing to find out more, learning about themselves and their bodies. Take a hike and try under a waterfall, just watch out for slippery wet plants. But Scorpios do take sex seriously and see it as a path to spiritual oneness. Scorpios are exhibitionists for such private people, and sometimes get outlandish with public sex. Some of them have past life memories of being chastised for enjoying their bodies.

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